The six best pizzeria in the world

The six best pizzeria in the world are in the same city, guess which one?

The haute cuisine finally complies with its outstanding score and pays a deserved tribute to the classic pizza
Neapolitan pizza

The six best pizza parlours in the world are in the same city. Or so the Michelin Guide says. We’re talking about Naples, the pizza capital of the world.

This week, the Michelin Guide, a culinary institution par excellence, paid tribute to the excellent work of 6 Neapolitan pizzerias with the Michelin dish award. This 2017 will be the first time that restaurants serving “simply good food” will be awarded the distinction.

The best pizzeria in the world? Neapolitan pizza will be simple, but it’s gloriously good.

The problem is that the rest of Italy, which also loves pizza, has not received the news with so much enthusiasm because there has been no mention for the most notable pizzeros in the rest of the boot country. Perhaps the homage has stayed in Naples because that is where the pizza was born. Or perhaps because the recipe for Neapolitan pizza has an appellation of origin approved by the European Union and is even considered an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco.

The particularity of the Neapolitan pizza is at its core. The dough is like bread dough and is always stretched by hand. It will be very thin in the center but with thick edges on the perimeter. In addition, its cooking is always done with a wood-fired oven and at very high temperatures it is very fast.

These are the 6 temples of pizza according to the Michelin Guide:

Sorbillo (8 to 19€). It has several premises, most of them “Spartans”, according to the inspectors of the Guide. But the pizzas are so good that the lack of comfort is soon forgotten.

La Notizia (12 to 19€). The Enzo Coccia pizzaiolo was the first to be recommended by the Michelin Guide for the rich selection of ingredients in its pizzas and carefully studied cooking times.

Da Michele (6a 8€). Founded in 1870, it always has long lines of people who even have to organize themselves by numbers. Only strictly Neapolitan pizzas are served “marinara” (tomato, garlic, oregano and extra virgin olive oil) or “margarita” (tomato, mozzarella or fior di latte, basil and extra virgin olive oil).

Concettina ai Tre Santi (15 to 24€). 60 years of experience runs this family run the pizzeria. They serve traditional pizzas and antipasti as well as more modern creations.

50 Kalò (21 to 34€). Pizza maker Ciro Savo takes pizza to the limit: he makes a dough almost liquid, which makes it difficult to work but soft to taste and easy to digest.

Starita a Materdei (8 to 19€). In their 100 years of history, they have spent four generations in their bonfires and even appeared in Sofia Loren’s Naples gold.

And although it seems strange that haute cuisine recognizes the taste of the people, these awards are not the only ones that the Guide gives to well-made cuisine at more affordable prices. In 1997, the mention “Bib Gourmand” was included to highlight the restaurants that offer a good menu for less than 35 euros. How to Find Pizza Places Near Me ? Click here