The best pizzeria in New York City

We are in the best pizzeria in New York City,  DI FARA

I’ve been in New York for 10 years but I never been here. I was going to grimaldi’s because I thought it was really really good pizza,  now like they’re horrible like their pieces like bland and tasteless  so I of course research online endlessly for the best piece of place in New York  City and this is like out of all the list  this is always at the top so this is a Brooklyn know where I am right now I’m  somewhere in Brooklyn and I got here 10 minutes before this place closes this  place closes at eight o’clock on a friday i got here at seven fifteen the  owner of the place is Dominic be fair on he’s been cooking up piece up for like  40 years and from what i have read  he works seven days a week 11 hours that he’s the only guide making the pizzas  i was reading online people like okay it’s up to our way to because once you  get inside it’s a slow process because he’s the only guy making pizzas  there’s him right now  yeah  but all the review said it will be the most worth of weight after lies because  the piece of taste the animation so I walked in here with my friend taping  because yeah I can’t get a whole large by myself  so we got in here and it was not that crowded so I’m like yeah we missed the  weights awesome  no we haven’t we’ve been waiting for an hour and 10 minutes already  we’re starving the sister’s face of a starving people right here  This Is It this is the Grand altar of all pizzerias in New York City  this is supposed to be the best pizza anymore so both our expectations are  extremely extremely high

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I feel so weak right now I’m feeling was my fault i can really hold my phone  it’s like so happy i need some pizza  I’m so excited about this you can’t tell i’m excited because this is my hungry  face right now  hungry waiting face and I got the specialty Peter I got like basically  everything  so my pizza is mushrooms no way  no idea i forgot like what I ordered some classic pie and i added pepperoni  because you guys have a pariah  that’s got to be a part of any pizza and a pepperoni let’s say I solve this  article connect that Jersey here but no she doesn’t recover but Josie combined  try some new york pizza man  my pizza has just the right in sprinkle on fresh basil and they’re cutting  through the experts session that ice not my guys know it this way i have our own  something about like purple morning that occurs which is the best bedroom  I don’t know why is that you know like I was a piece of hair grows between as  they buy a package we are we –  and that’s why the curb his managers that’s what I want to scream technic  like if you buy from dominoes are just flat flat pepperoni curves curves on  pepperoni fresh olive oil and parmesan  so this has onions  the sausage  yeah  I start our trip  saliva or this piece of control  so we have the pizza at our table let’s take a minute and look at it  oh yeah yeah  ok this is how aerial shots of pizza should be like look at this this is  better than national geographic area shots of like the green canyon where we  got the moment we’ve been waiting for.

best pizzeria in New York

We’re all so long here we go i’m gonna show you guys in New York way of eating  pizza alright see you gotta fold the pizza thing you pulled the pigeon  although you have to fold the pizza for it like that then you take a bite  yeah  if I died and went to pizza heaven  this is what they serve it was a happy you not love this piece of I was amazing  this is much better at football this place  that’s better I got the classic so I have some onions green peppers  I’m glad I did that because that balances out the pizza really really  well  you know how like usually bite into a piece of pizza it is all nasty grease  this is like a lovely crease lovely oil just splurging into your mouth  that’s awesome how awesome is pizza  I’ve had five pizza moments in my life  first time was my first time getting pizza  I came to the US when I was eight my mom wouldn’t find the answer she was like I  asked Maskull  that’s nasty white people we can’t do that for the first time I piece it was a  domino’s pizza  it was the most delicious they have had my life because

I’m like what is this  lovely thing I’ve been missing for ever and that was beautiful  domino’s pizza I never had this before that’s my first piece of second is a  moment was when i went to chicago for the first time in chicago deep dish is  amazing  third piece of moment i was starving in my college and I splurged for a pizza  hot meat lovers Pizza some reason that was just forget it  even be good that’s right now that girl’s probably cuz are starving and I  can never for pizza hut for the moment was moved to New York I had New York  piece of the first time and that was really good  never having fresh she’s like I told you like that pepperoni thing you know i was  eating flat properly in my whole life in this treasure this moment this is my  fifth piece of moment you guys about trying to see if you ever come to New  York  just stop now prepared to wait but it’s worth the wait was it went away for you  the olive oil look at that  i’m gonna show you guys here’s a close look of the pizza all that covered is  not bad creased and olive oil it’s delicious  I never took a bite of pizza before my life that she was that bite down my  mouth is filled with like olive oil and that’s not a bad thing  it’s a good thing it’s a wonderful thing about brownie favorite thing in the  world if you have pizza you gotta have pepperoni  like how do you do without pepperoni

I don’t understand how do you live like  that  everything just works so she’s like just much and I like shut up let me eat this  is like all our true  centerfold now  that’s funny centerfold yeah this is what a centerfold should be like I’m  totally message I pretend is coming to your mouth right now I’ve got something  out maybe there’s a little better  Oh red pepper spicy pizza is better than regular people always a little problem  with these things is they don’t come out there you know because the pepper flakes  are big and they’ll come up fast  you teach you guys a simple solution to solve this camp  there you go now  no it’s not really now we’ve got spicy Peter its own wrapper on your pizza is  best thing  this is perfect perfect it was your needs that’s how much red pepper you  need to have on your slice of something you want people to ask you do you want  some pizza on your pepper so much properties you have my slice of pizza is  for me because of the weight of the pepperoni started a hashtag pizza  problem  my last better pizza but check it out I have the crushed and I have a little bit  Rooney so now what you can do to make a little crust pepperoni scene we reach  and don’t think that crust pepperoni sandwich was just by accident that was  by design  that’s calculated that’s how you eat the crust you take a little pepperoni or  whatever it leads on the pizza  make a little sandwich afterwards that’s like pizza strategy right there  Johnson you’re missing out like so close you guys ever had this food regret where  your whole life he lived in a town ain’t you didn’t know that there’s the spot  that existed that meet the best food you’ve never had it but you could have  had it  that’s how I’m feeling right now

I could I could eat this like starting 10  years you know maybe I would be a lot bigger lie down  I could do that but no i didn’t i ate like other stuff i think from this day  forth  I’m just going to eat here every day maybe that like maybe a little too much  pizza  that’ll work out more this is a gym  so if you want pizza in New York see come check this place out and she just  like the whole time just stuffing her face with whatever i’m just gonna keep  eating pizza  alright guys thanks for watching subscribe please I’ll see you later

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