The best pizzeria in Chicago

Where is the best pizzeria in Chicago?

Actually a funny little story to cab drivers and a friend decided to start he knows he’s back in 1966 they were tired of driving in rush hour traffic and chicago deep dish was really becoming very popular since the great tradition here in Chicago so they open their own location which is here we’re in the original site and we’re making the same great pizzas today that they were making way back when what’s interesting about chicago-style deep dish is it’s not your traditional New York or thin crust pies it actually is almost a very big pipe in a 2 inches thick

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We’re actually going to allow them to create one of our pizzas we are going to pad out the whole pan they’re going to add the ingredients that they like and then we’re going to throw in the oven so they can have a little lunch Morgan here at Gino’s East ready to get down my guys and bring a nice speech and ron brown pleasure to meet you more precisely is your destination is going to scare you guys want to learn on this species is let’s do that there we go to basically one from the base now we’re going to add our toppings okay so we’re gonna make the media legend which is like our our namesake before and it’s just a whole bunch of meat for different types of vino hurting but yeah exactly so we’re going to start with fresh ground sausage so you just dig right into that scrap the whole big club I love soft enough for sauce it’s just a lot of time at least a real fresh down to yeah just like that stuff you take out his club in like that exactly you guys are doing all right yeah but look at you already done because marking us and from here I can’t go wrong it’s not like you perfect this is like playing cards right here just dealing with any big another hand Anna although you’re gonna kind of do the same thing as you were with pepperoni kinda just plop it on uh-huh throat sauces made this morning for everything is fresh what help you out that you can’t get that every going on thanks there we go look at that one more meat on them that’s like breakfast bacon alright this is like the bacon yeah but your headaches morning i love this sprinkle around read it out now we’re going to add some cheese in time so we grabbed a handful the parmesan right here is going to launch that’s the part I’m a regular makes regular mixture there you go this is mine and I’ve been doing this a long time and yours look pretty darn close to what i did is you guys are pros already know that probably don’t yeah exactly exactly let’s get Michael’s out pan that’s right this is knife and fork it’s right there speed was actually having to be nice right now you there nice much this 1a be made was joking mining about the fans going to randomly oh my women the same for the cameras and real yeah he’s got done throwing down at Gino’s you know pizza and it was pretty phenomenal what you think about I gotta say I’ve never felt so content my life after first headpiece back now on we wanna welcome 2901 money bro Maggie sweet Maggie or more likely we are again tag team champions more pizza or something to work ok you guys want to come back and see how it’s made right thrown out for a little come on down here we go look at this here is have to make all right well this is our man Sam and he is going to show us how to make a stop to this dough it is our special butter crust go and take a lot of pride and we like to think that the perfect combination it’s nice then trust you know its deep-dish people have this conception that it is a sick thrust definitely very thin think prospects and nice crunch to it as i noted before it turned up on the side next gonna put down a nice thick layer of mozzarella cheese in Archie’s and then coming from the same dairy farm for over 30 years of Wisconsin and now you’re really going to get a tree you’re going to see him put our sausage down which is quite the process this is special sausage that’s an adventure just for us it’s you know the perfect flavor two years to perfect it it’s been a naughty family for a long time now so we’re very proud of our sausage when everybody comes in that’s for recognition personally recommend into italian place where they always use fresh sausage playing at your recipe you know this does smell good like cookie we’re gonna dump out all of our delicious and tomatoes and these are fine grain tomatoes yearly the representatives from manatis go out to California and they handpick and taste all of them and then they get them all can for the rest of the year we’ll have pizza then we find out the diagram will show you that little the history of mommy’s talking GG let’s check it out you’re gonna be famous body there is there and then here’s another one of him at pizzeria uno which actually pizzeria uno located here in Chicago is the original chicago deep dish pizzeria and blue and his father ruining people’s got their start and keep 0 know before you decided to create his own delicious recipe and he went out to lincolnwood which is a suburb of Chicago and started the first little naughty and that was in 1971

best pizzeria in Chicago

I’m gonna go check on the feet and take a look at the rest of the pictures and I’ll be right back okay so i’m going to write you have no house making our little home look at the guys ready for this you create smiles with a smile now this right thank you Lord that pieces turn around upside down thank you very much thank you more way for y’all to get a slice you can pass it up you should be first sausages helps to the office impressive cheese rested the crust is soft but you’ve got a little bunch at the end never anywhere in Chicago size 42 place for now unless breakfast and it’ll be cold oh well I got take that can I get back to track me I got a lot to get done alright hey make sure you bring some reason back this lamb loin sucks and traveled here but please this way you get some good education or something different at home it’s my day off your speed I will be moschino you have a look yes already missing pieces to your breakup just hanging follow me don’t do it doing today is really nice stuff chicago style pizza you put that like I have I gotta get you on the side alright let’s have already taken so30 that is not your pizza slice oh wow i just pop up book almost like a little bit slice plate to slice yeah you are gonna be alright guys so now we doing house and I can tell you a little bit about Pacino’s is our original location here in Lincoln Park 1978 I was opened by our honored ambassador and his wife cleaned up at that time there was a step competition into this day they’re stiff competition what we’ve done is a raise the bar of repeats in your in chicago by using fresh ingredients we source a lot of our spinach and locally-grown photos from right here in the Midwest so we kind of support local farmers for about the devour some awesome awesome thanks are very teacher thank you mr. always in some 40 talking about the best part through system and this is ml let me go check this out check this out just the best part right look at that they brought me some cross bedroom was having a big yes!

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